Our facilities are located in Sotillo del Rincon in the province of Soria, within the heart of a Valley and at the foot of the Cebollera mountains. In this privileged climate with cold and dry winters it allows for the natural curing of our meat products and gives our sausages there typical flavours and aromas.


The geographical location of the province of Soria and its unique climate creates an ideal natural condition that allows us to locate our hives far away from human populations, human traffic and crop cultivation.

Our honey and beekeeping products come from our hives positioned more of the year in the Cebollera Mountains, a natural protected area of high ecological value with an abundance of flora and water.


If you want to know how we extract our honey or how our production process works, ask for more information below.


This natural habitat, which in some places exceeds an altitude of more than 2,100 meters, has varied vegetation and an abundant presence of heather (calluna vulgaris).

These natural conditions combined with our extraction, storage process and rigorous quality controls makes our Biercol honey appreciated both within and outside Spain for its aroma, flavor and high purity.