Enjoy the fascinating world of Beekeeping

We’re located in Sotillo del Rincón (Soria) in the thriving community of 'El Valle' at the foot of the 'Sierra Cebollera' mountains.

If you would like to know how we produce our honey and cured meat products we can demonstrate the whole process. Starting with a visit to our hives,
finishing with a tour of the factory and a tasting of our products.

Give us a call or complete the contact information below.

The tour leaves from our factory. We travel together to one of our sites close by usually high in the Cebollera mountains.

Once there, we spend upto 2 hours explaining the process and techniques of beekeeping, lighting smokers, checking for illness and trying to find the Queen bee…!!!

We then return and continue the explication of the process in our factory including a tasting of the honey and our other dried meat products.

The tour is flexible, between 2-5 hours including the short drive to and from the hive site.

We provide the beekeeping suit and gloves needed for the tour and transport for upto 6 people in our 4×4 vehicle to our hives. Depending on the number of people wishing to take the tour special arrangement must be made to accomodate i.e. split groups or using your own vehicle.

You must come wearing strong shoes or boots.

We take tours in summer normally in August. However we can be flexible with the date.

We charge 20€ per person.

You can have a tour in spanish or english.


Gomez Zardoya offers the tour with prior notification only and it is required to fill out a simple waver of responsibility form before starting the tour. Places are often limited or not available. If you want to ensure your visit contact us as early as possible.